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Piping is the naval method of delivering important information on board ships. The boatswain (prounounced bo-sun) pipe signaled orders and messages via various whistled tunes.  The Boatswain's whistled signal could be heard over the tumult of the sea even when the human voice could not be heard.  Messages to assemble, call or dismiss watches, and even tell sailors when it was time to eat were called regularly.  Very important was the "word to be passed" call, as this meant to be silent and await an important message.   

The use of the boatswain pipe can be traced to around 1040 AD in Greece and Rome.  The Boatswain or Piper was responsible for "calling the stroke" on board the ships at that time so that the rowers would keep the same time and be able to change speeds with ease.  English ships used them with certainty during the Crusades in 1248 AD.  This signaling device was so essential to the well-being of the ship that  it became a badge of honor on British and American vessels.

Boatswain Pipe Press relates Earth to a big ship on which we all live together.  Some of us are Boatswains, either calling the information from others or piping the messages ourselves.  BPP endeavors to deliver important information and messages through books to the audience who chooses to listen, to think and to take appropriate actions.  The image of our logo stamped onto each book that we publish is tribute to the quality of the material and respect we have for the author.

We believe that we can learn from one another.

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